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Robert Verdi @ Saks Fifth Avenue

28 Sep
Robert Verdi, TV personality and celebrity stylist, made a public appearance last night at Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta.  I was there to ask Robert about his eyewear line.  And, let me tell you,  Verdi’ knows a thing or two about stylish eyewear.  After all his trademark is a clean shaved head clad with nothing but a pair of stylish glasses and he is reported to have over 300 pairs!  Robert said that “eyewear is a great introduction into fashion.”  He felt that because the price of handbags and shoes have gotten so out of control, he wanted to provide an affordable accessory, and an accessory that you’ll see most. He goes on to say, “When you are having lunch you are sitting and everyone can see your face, but your bag is on the floor, so people are going to see your sunglasses . . . I want everyone to have a wardrobe of eyewear. . .a bowl of sunglasses.” And that ‘bowl’ just might be possible. Robert Verdi sunglasses are all $32 and under.  His new collection, inspired by après-ski wear (think ski goggles), will debut on HSN in November.

Celebrity Stylist Robert Verdi and me.

While at the event I did find an amazing Louboutin artemis ostrich feather bag that I had to try on.  This bag is so fun, but Robert is exactly right – prices have gotten out of control!  It never hurts to play dress up however.    This bag is $2195 so I would be so much better off buying a pair of his sunglasses that everyone is going to see while this is under the table at dinner.   Hmmm,  how many pair of Robert Verdi sunglasses could I buy instead of this bag?  It would have to be a really big bowl to fit all of those glasses.

Christian Louboutin, Artemis ostrich feather and black leather bag, $2195.

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