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Dirty Dozen

13 Jun

Organic can be so expensive so if you can’t go 100% all is not lost. Start with the dirty dozen list to start cleaning up your diet.



Cake Vintage Placemats

16 Feb

I found these at West Elm and thought they were adorable. You can buy a book of these paper placemats at Cake Vintage Table and Home. 50 sheets for $22


Grits-and-cheese Soufflé

23 Jan

Sometimes you need comfort food and being from the South that often involves grits. This soufflé is on 350 calories so you won’t feel the guilt associated with most feel good foods. Click this link for the recipe from Food Network Magazine


Juice Cleanse

15 Dec

I just did this Three day Juice Detox just to clean my system and get some good nutrients in my body.  I chose the Beverly Hills Wellness Center’s Raw Juice Detox.  You pick up all the bottles at once and you’re set for the three days.  Before I started I had people tell me that they were missing food the first day, but after that they were fine and were hardly hungry at all.  These people are liars!  Maybe it worked for them, but I was starving the whole time and I drank an additional two big bottles of Coconut water each day.  Since the detox I haven’t had coffee and don’t feel like I really need it and I did lose 2 pounds (which I’m sure by now if back on).  It was a great mental challenge and if you are considering do this check out Beverly Hills Wellness Center because their juices are freshly prepared and didn’t taste all that bad.  Please share your experience if you have ever done a cleanse.


This is a three day juice fast consisting of fresh raw juices designed to help rid your body of toxins, which will help you feel amazing! Each day includes a combination of 2 fruit juices, 2 vegetable juices, 1 nutmilk, lemon/lime-ade or coconut water. A total of six – 16 oz. bottles of juice per day for a total of 18 bottles during a three day fast. Included are guidelines for the fast, as well as instructions on how to break your fast properly. Our toll free 800 number is provided in case you have questions or concerns.


Bialetti Pasta Pot

13 Dec

I really want one of these!  I love that you don’t have to drip the wet noodles in the strainer accross the kitchen back to the pot.  For only $35 this make a great Christmas present.  Available at or 5 quart pasta pot

Stainless Steel Straws

16 Oct


$10 for a set up 4.  Available at

Chick-fil-A in Hollywood

24 Sep

For all you Southerners out there. . .   The time has come.  Chick-fil-A at the corner of Highland and Sunset.  Yummy chicken biscuits!

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