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Cold weather and your pups

4 Nov

Its getting cold outside and the stores are full of cozy sweaters and coats for you – And for your dog.   Have you updated your dogs winter wardrobe?  In snowy locations it is important that your dog wear shoes if possible so salt and anti-freeze won’t stick to paws to be licked off later creating a potential health problem.  Also, keep your pets indoors as much as possible, but when they need to go out protect them by using a good coat or sweater.  Here are some adorable options for your little pooch.


Coco wears her favorite coat.




Pugz Dog Boots (


Casual Canine Animal Print Dog Cuddler (


Brown Plaid Step in Wrap Dog Coat (



Blizzard Buddies Dog Pajamas (



Snappy Pocket Parka (Trixie + Peanut)



Avery Cashmere Sweater (Trixie + Peanut)



Holiday Riding Coat (Ralph Lauren)


Cashmere Skull Dog Sweater (Ralph Lauren)



This is a great Pet Safe Antifreeze to use in place of typical antifreeze which can be extremely harmful to pets.  Click here if you would like to purchase.

Pet Safe Ice Melt and Antifreeze



Stella and Chewy’s

14 Jan

Coco was having a bit of an allergy issue so I decided to put her on raw dog food. Stella and Chewy’s was recommended. After reading about it I knew I was doing the best thing for her. Dogs are carnivores so why do we feed them wheat, grains, rice, sugar. This is what is in most dog foods. Stella and Chewy’s is all natural meat and organic fruits and vegetables. There are no grains and no by products from animals. It is food the dog would eat naturally. It can get expensive (all good things are), but worth it. I spend about $40/month for her food and treats. If you have a dog or cat please consider a raw diet.


Coco in Ralph Lauren and at Strut Your Mutt

25 Sep

Coco loves wearing her Ralph Lauren Polo. 

Available at Ralph Lauren, Rodeo Dr.


And here we are at Strut Your Mutt LA raising money to care for homless dogs. Yes,  she is wearing a tutu.

Mademoiselle Coco

16 Sep

Isn’t she so cute?  I just wanted to share this picture with you.  She was lying on the ground and I walked up to her and this is what she did.  She’s the best Maltese.

UGA looses to Boise State and Coco is not happy about it

5 Sep

So I’m sure you want to know.  Who is Coco?  Well, this weekend we watched our team The University of Georgia play against Boise State.  As you can tell from the look on Coco’s face, we lost.  She is such a big UGA fan.  This is her fashion statement on Saturdays during football season.

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