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Hotlanta / Hot Styles

28 Aug

Here is a taste of Southern Style on the street (well actually Lenox Mall).

A modern preppy short

Love the studded cardigan! Love the jeans! Love the shoes!

Thank you for not wearing just a boring old tee shirt. What a cute surprise in the back.

So cool and casual and she just got her kids out of the pool. It is just as easy to throw this as it is a tee shirt and running shorts.

Great combination. I love the black and white jacket with the royal blue skirt. Her shoes and necklace are perfect accessories.

She makes wearing bright red pants look effortless. Pair bright colors with neutrals to look modern

I fell in love with this dress and the way she styled it with the bright orange belt. Yes . . . it is vintage. One of my favorite looks.

She is just hanging out with her brand new baby (can you believe how great she looks!). This dress is a perfect summer color and it is easy and cool for the Atlanta heat. Again, this is just as easy, if not easier, than throwing on a t-shirt and jeans.

Once again- neutrals with a bright color. She makes is look easy and fun.

There is nothing like a LWD (little white dress).

This girl has got a cool funky edge and I love that she owns it. What a great way to spruce up a plain white tee.


Madame Chanel

20 Aug

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