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30 Oct

This socially responsible Japanese company is all over Asia and has now opened three locations in NYC.  Uniqlo provides casual clothes for all kinds of people and it shows.  The casual wardrobe staples are well made and effortless with an amazing price point attached.  Two of my favorites are below.  The down jacket is made to be very slim fitting so it is perfect for those that like the puffer jacket look, but don’t like looking like a puffer fish.  Check out the website



Express Tux Jacket

28 Oct

So cute and so perfect for layering over a dress for a night out.

Only $128 at Express

Post-it Watches

24 Oct

It isn’t high fashion, but I have to say . . . It’s kind of cute.

PA Design sells die-cut post-its shaped like wristwatches, gummed so they can be joined at the wrist. A cute way to put notes where you’re sure to glance at them.

Valentino Demetra Bag

22 Oct

My find at Bergdorf Goodman. So classy and modern.


22 Oct

Bellini at Cipriani!
Wearing faux fur vest.

Lady loves fashion

22 Oct

Some people just love fashion a bit too much. Secretly I hope I’m also a big hot mess when I’m this age.

Touchdown in NYC

21 Oct

Just got to New York and can’t wait to take some great pictures to share with all of you soon.

So excited!

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